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Headwaters Cattle Ranch


Savor the Flavor of Locally Raised Cattle

At Headwaters Cattle Ranch, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best grass-fed beef possible. Our rotationally grazed pastures ensure our cattle have a healthy and delicious diet that results in a better living standard for them as well as better quality beef for our customers. We believe that the locally sourced nature of our beef is an essential element in our mission to provide our community with a healthy, sustainable, and affordable protein source.

Our Story

A happy cow with a well-lived life produces the best meat. At Headwater, this begins with the calf, naturally nursing off its mother until she organically weans it off. Our cow babies might grow to the size of their mothers over the initial ten growths of their development as they nurse and enjoy the ranch’s natural grasses, while simultaneously receiving much needed nutrition from their mama’s milk. Right now, we have one of our first baby cows, Liv, weighing nearly seven hundred pounds, six hundred less than its mom, which we are thoroughly enjoying watching as this process of evolution unfolds. As a matter of fact, this Spring we had thirty-four pregnant moms, and all births have taken place. We are committed to allowing for whole bovine lives experienced as in the wild in existence with the entire herd, rotationally grazing our specially cultivated land. Groups of 60-80 of these beautiful beasts enjoy our fresh native grasses daily while being raised in the most humane and environmentally friendly way, unlike traditional grain-fed and farmed cows forced to adhere to an unnatural lifestyle spurred by the human impetus for convenience and higher profit. Ultimately, a grass-fed diet for the cow leads to the improvement of fibers hidden deep within the muscles, translating into more nutrients, leaner calories, and up to five times more Omega-3 fatty acids. Delicious, nutritious, and chock full of rich flavor, Headwater cows are examples of a truly sustainable regional food source.

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